When Agile Fails

Agile failure happens, and it’s frustrating. You hear about Agile, learn about new methodologies, and begin implementation. Maybe you even spent a bunch of money on Agile training courses. For some reason, this transition seems a lot harder than you thought it would be.  

It could be an issue with leadership, company culture, communication, or a general lack of understanding.

Sometimes we hear that someone tried Agile, but it just didn’t work on their project. We know that typically this isn’t due to the project – it’s due to one of the leading causes of failed Agile, listed in the graph below.

Agile Development

Often, a good start is all you need in order to effectively apply Agile to any project. Beginning with an Agile coach who will be there to catch issues as they arise and guide you through the process of solving those issues can be the difference between smooth sailing or rough waters.

Agile coaching isn’t a permanent solution – it’s like learning how to ride a bike. We’re there for you, holding the back of your seat as we run along beside you, giving support as you learn to ride on your own.

If you’ve been through a failed Agile effort, we encourage you to try again! This time, start with a coach who is familiar with navigating all of the leading causes of Agile failure, and can guide you through solutions.

Let’s Get it Right
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