One80 Agile Coaching

agile coachingWhat do you get with an Agile coach?

1. Application: An Agile coach will hold your teams accountable to put into practice what they’ve learned in training.  When good practices are established from the beginning, transitions to Agile have a higher rate of success.

3. Guidance: As opposed to short-term training or an online video, a professional Agile coach offers an experienced warm body to ensure the transition to Agile goes smoothly. 

4. Experience: A good professional Agile coach has worked with many different companies in various industries, with teams on all levels of development, and in varying company cultures. Difficult to recognize issues will be easily identified and repaired by an Agile coach.

5. Reboot: Sometimes, a company has been applying Agile practices for a while but finds that the value of Agile is still missing. A professional Agile coach can identify where things got off track and guide things back to where they need to be. 

6. Mentoring: Scrum Masters and Product Owners hold a great deal of responsibility. In some cases, just one or two slight adjustments can have a huge impact on the individual, the team, and the product itself.

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