Emergenetics: Meeting of the Minds

Adopting Emergenetics as part of your Agile journey capitalizes on your investment in self-organized teams through use of common language and understanding provided by the Emergenetics instrument.

Emergenetics is a proven tool for team building, communication, leadership development, conflict resolution and coaching.  

Additional benefits for teams include:

  • The reduction of tension, stress and frustration levels based on deeper understanding.
  • Increased trust between team members—utilizing Emergenetics can create a platform of trust by highlighting that trust means different things to everyone, based on their profiles.
  • A breakdown of functional silos—Emergenetics creates a bridge to find the right team dynamics no matter what department or specialties each member may have.
  • As a way to break the ice in certain situations. Just by asking “What’s your dominant color?”, or by just guessing “You’re ‘blue’ aren’t you?” creates an effective way to start meaningful dialogue on a team. 


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