Agile Training & Coaching

We work with teams:

  • Starting from the beginning,
  • Building upon an existing Agile knowledge base,
  • Looking to expand Agile on an enterprise level; or
  • Anxious to put a failed attempt at Agile back on the right track.

Training Courses

agile trainingIntroductory training courses:

  • Present the basic Agile essentials
  • Examine the practical application of Lean, Scrum, XP and Kanban
  • Introduce team self-organizations, roles and responsibilities
  • Illustrate techniques for writing user stories, acceptance criteria, and test cases
  • Apply the Agile Lifecycle and principles to real-life project   

For advanced teams, we offer courses that examine:

  • Lean start-up product management
  • Program and portfolio planning and risk management
  • Requirements gathering and writing user stories
  • Technical best practices
  • Leadership
  • Facilitation
  • Communication     
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agile developmentEven just a few weeks with the right Agile coach will make a huge difference when it comes to the success of your Agile implementation.

When you run into issues (and you will run into issues, there is no avoiding that) an Agile coach will be able to keep those issues from growing into serious blocks to your progress.


The good news is that it’s never too late to find the right coach.  Even better news: you’re at the right place!  One80 Services can set you up with the right coach today.


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