Going Agile Can Be Scary: Chapter Two

Risk is Scary…

More than a decade after my own transition to Agile and after having the privilege of watching other teams make their transitions to Agile as well – I have realized how scary it can be to take that first step into Agile development.

Why? Because Agile transitions typically occur in a moment of crisis or upheaval.

People reach out for something to help them out of their chaos. Agile typically arrives at a time when teams are over worked, stressed out, and pretty much struggling just to maintain their basic requirements. Taking time out of an already over-burdened schedule to learn something new seems like a risky endeavor.

Another thing we see: Agile is sometimes adopted at the beginning of a huge new project when process management becomes critical. Starting a huge new project is stressful, and applying a new methodology can feel like you’re only adding to your pile of stress.

A change in leadership can also bring a change in methodology. An organization acclimating to new leadership wonders how much things will change when they are asked to adopt Agile. It’s stressful to not know what the future holds.

Very rarely will I see a successful, productive, happy, thriving waterfall shop make the choice to go Agile.

When you decide to apply a new methodology – a whole new process in many cases – during a time when you’re already stressed out, that can feel like a risk.

Fear Slowly Fades…

stepsAgile adoption is a step process. First you learn the most basic aspects of Agile and your chosen methodology, and then you begin applying them.

You don’t need to be an Agile expert to begin.

In our Agile Foundations course, for example, we begin by teaching the basics of Agile – which are really only a set of principles and values. (“Agile” itself is not a process to follow.)

Next, we quickly go over a few of the most common Agile methodologies such as Scrum, XP, and Kanban.

We walk you through the beginning steps of your chosen methodology, and engage teams as they begin applying what they’ve learned to their own work load.

Before anyone realizes that they’re Agile, they’ve begun!

It’s a lot less painful than most people anticipate it to be.

But that first step? Well, that first step can be scary.

It’s less scary when you’re moving forward with experienced trainers and coaches. Call us today to discuss taking your first step. You’re going to ace this! We’ll show you how.

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