Using Agile to Untangle

You may already have a good idea what Agile Training and Agile Coaching entail.  But the term Agile Transition or Agile Transformation may seem vague or daunting.  Allow me to explain what One80 Services does during an Agile transition:

The short answer:  

We improve development processes which reduce waste, provide visibility, and increase time to market.

The long answer:

Many times development processes become tangled, which reduces time to market and frustrates leadership, teams, and customers.  

Our purposeAgile Training, Agile Coaching, Agile Transitions

Untangling development processes sometimes feels a bit like untangling a group of necklaces, because there is never just one chain we’re working on.  There are many different roles involved, many different steps involved, and often many complex dependencies or requirements involved.  None of them can be broken or ignored, so it’s a delicate task when they become tangled.

Agile Training, Agile Coaching, Agile TransitionsOur process

At the beginning of an Agile transition, we get a nice long look at a client’s current processes and projects, and identify a few very simple moves we need to make.  These moves are communicated in a way that builds knowledge and confidence.

Unlike untangling a necklace, untangling business processes requires more than one set of hands.

We all need to understand the problem, share a solution, and work together in order to succeed.

Our plan

Many Agile transition companies offer packages that are pre-made solutions for clients to choose from, depending on where they are in their Agile journey.

One80 Services very purposefully does not do this.

Agile Training, Agile Coaching, Agile TransitionsWe could give you a pre-made six week package, dump a bunch of Agile information on your desk, and wish you luck.

But you’d be left with an instruction manual and a tangle, as well as whatever issues led to the tangle forming in the first place.

(Note:  Every company has different needs.   This is why we also offer courses designed to provide targeted learning to those who are looking for just a little help when it comes to one or more aspects of their Agile transition.)

When we come in to help, it’s our goal to study your situation, present solutions to you, and then together with you, work to untangle it.  As we untangle, we create new processes – with you – that will prevent new issues from forming in the future.

Agile KickstartOur Agile Kickstart program is the closest we come to an “Agile package”.

During an Agile Kickstart with One80 Services, we begin by sitting down with you and taking a look at your current situation, along with where you hope to be when we’re done.

Once we’ve had a good look at your situation, we design a plan to untangle it.

We work with you to implement that plan and we stay long enough to ensure your success.

Agile Training, Agile Coaching, Agile Transitions

Still confused?  

Ha!  I don’t blame you.

When something important becomes tangled, it’s overwhelming at times.

Give us a call or send us an email.

You can reach me personally by email stacy@one80agiletraining.com

 If you’re in the Omaha area, we can even meet for a coffee and start there.

I promise your tangle is not something that can’t be undone.

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