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We started One80 Services (based in Omaha, NE) because we have seen too many companies build the wrong level of process at the wrong time.

They either build crushing amounts of process that drags time-to-market, or not enough structure to control the chaos.

Our mission is to help teams to build a practical approach to managing and prioritizing work that leads to innovation and quality deliverables.

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Combined, we have more than 20 years of Agile training & coaching experience.  Our partners have navigated situations from both sides of the IT/business fence.

Throughout our careers, we have filled roles as IT Project Manager, Analyst, DBA, Software Development Manager, IT Director, Program Manager, and Product Manager.

Our Style

We prefer interacting with teams and individuals.

Our goal isn’t just to leave you with pieces of knowledge that you could have found in a Google search – it’s to leave you with a tangible understanding of how that knowledge can apply to your very specific situation.

Our Team


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I am a seasoned Agile Coach, Trainer, Scrum Master and technical leader who has helped implement Agile/Lean practices using Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Kanban on many teams in many different organizations.

I am passionate about helping organizations and their teams transform themselves to high performance using Agile and Lean principles.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all”.  While organizations across the globe experience similar problems such as low quality, too much multi-tasking (yes multitasking is a bad thing), and not being able to deliver quickly, the solutions to fix these problems are vastly different.

When I started, I thought that Scrum was the ultimate solution to every company’s problems.  Over the years, I experienced how wrong I was.  I have learned how important it is to take into account each company’s unique culture, team dynamics, technology, customer expectations and compliance needs.  Then, given all of those variables, the journey towards excellence can begin.


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IMG_8989 (1)I am passionate about building high-performing teams that are structured with the proper dynamics to create and drive innovation.

Building teams is more than just putting skills and resources into an Agile process and doing sprint planning. It is about finding the balance of personality, desire, motivation, and knowledge to structure groups of individuals who can work towards a common goal and who are focused on the organizations value stream.

As an Emergenetics Associate, I believe in using a scientific approach to building WE teams. I am a proven communicator and relationship builder; creating positive and enduring relationships across all levels of an organizations and gaining trust and respect.

I consider myself a Servant Leader with strong skills in coaching and developing high performing and innovative teams to provide value. Specializing in Lean Start-up, Agile Software Development, team building, Programs and Projects management, coaching and training. I’m experienced in leading multiple Agile teams with independent timelines and multiple Product Owners to achieve synchronized deliverables.

Experience with Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, Lean Start-Up and XP.

Recent experience: Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Trainer and Agile Program Manager on a multi-year effort to implement finance and billing functionality on an Affordable Health Care Act platform. 2 year finance core system migration programs; 2 year custom HR self-service platform project.

Emergenetics Associate- Since March 2015
Project Management Institute Certified Agile Practitioner-Since November 2012
Certified Scrum Master-Since May 2011


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Without a doubt, my primary passion is people.  We can make products that earn big bucks, innovate until our heads spin, reduce cost and waste, improve processes, and turn deadlines into attainable goals.  All of those things are necessary, exciting, and fun.  But the bottom line for me will always be people.

Teaching teams how to reach their goals while actually enjoying what they do for a living is my passion.  Watching the transformation on the human level – not just what changes happen on a product or business level – that’s where I find my motivation.

My first experience with Agile was as a QA tester with a large software company in 2005.  I was skeptical at first and a bit resistant.  But the changes I saw in our work and on our team were hard to miss.  I’ve been a bit of an Agile evangelist ever since – suggesting Kanban walls to families and daily standups for couples who own their own small businesses.  I think that maybe there are a few people who are tired of hearing me expound upon the importance of a well-groomed backlog.  🙂  But when I know the changes Agile can bring to an effort, how can I not share?

So that’s a little about me.  Maybe one day I’ll get to hear about you, too.






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