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Your Process Does Not Make You Agile

This is a cheeseburger: mcdonalds-Cheeseburger This is also a cheeseburger: june_blog2b_gourmetburger There are many things you can change about a cheeseburger without causing it to no longer be a cheeseburger:  You can change the bun, add some veggies, use whatever kind of cheese you like – and it is still a cheeseburger. But if at some point you decide to stop using cheese, you’ve got a hamburger. If at some point you decide to stop using meat, then you’ve got a cheese sandwich.

As long as key elements are present, you’ve got a cheeseburger.  Even if it looks different from the cheeseburger across town.

As long as key elements are present, you’re Agile.  Even if it looks different from the Agile across town.

(See where I’m going with this now?) Cheeseburger_web We can vary how we create a cheeseburger, and we can vary how we embrace Agile. The primary reason for this flexibility is this: Agile is not a process. Agile isn’t something you “do”, Agile is something you “become”. agile development You see, as long as you’re embracing the mindset, values, and principles of Agile – you can implement any methodology you choose.  You can even use pieces of methodologies and create your own hybrid way of doing things. If you’ve chosen an Agile methodology – like Scrum, XP, or Kanban – but you have not adopted the mindset, values, or principles of Agile:  you are not Agile. Just like the cheeseburger, which requires meat, cheese, and bread in order to become a cheeseburger, certain elements must be present before you become Agile. agile manifesto

 The Agile Manifesto and the 12 Agile Principles explain how to become Agile.

Everything else is just process.


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