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    From the Ground Up

    Agile success often depends upon how you’re introduced to Agile. An Agile introduction course can benefit your teams even if they’ve had previous Agile training. If Agile isn’t working well for you, it might be time for a reintroduction.

    Why One80

    One80’s Agile basic Agile courses are easily digestable, immediately relatable, and created to stick. Our dynamic Agile coaches will introduce you to the basics of Agile while ensuring you a solid foundation on which to build.

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  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    Building on the Foundation

    It’s time to build upon your foundation of Agile knowledge. You may recognize that your teams have reached a new maturity stage and you are looking to achieve predictable cadence, measurable progress, and consistent delivery. Take Agile to the next level with an Advanced Agile Course.

    Why One80

    Our coaches are not only well-versed in Agile methodologies, but they have worked in the trenches on both sides of the IT/Business fence. They’ve been where you are now, and they are uniquely qualified to guide you on your way to improvement.

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    Optimize Leadership

    Leadership training courses allow Leaders to understand their roles in the Agile process and more effectively lead an Agile organization. If your organization is going Agile, then your leadership needs to be Agile, as well.

    Why One80

    Who better to teach you about Agile leadership than Agile leaders? Our leadership courses are designed with immediate application in mind. Our courses are not boring lectures – prepare for interaction, assessment, laughter, and plenty of “ah-ha” moments.

    view our agile leadership courses

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    Clearly Defined Roles

    Scrum Masters and Product Owners are two of the most important roles on an Agile team. Investing in training for these roles adds clear and visible value.

    Why One80

    You’ll be learning from experienced Scrum Masters and Agile Product Owners. Our courses are practical and informative, giving you things you can put into practice the moment training ends.

    Check out our SM PO Courses


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    Application of Knowledge

    Often teams get stuck and an Agile coach un-sticks them. Coaching from an experienced Agile coach can be the difference between “almost there” and “nailed it” with Agile.

    Why One80

    Our Agile coaches are seasoned and experienced. They will guide you and work with you on everything from backlog grooming to handling difficult personal interactions.

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We Solve These Common Problems

  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    Falling Behind

    When a large backlog gets behind schedule, it can feel like you’re pushing a rock up a hill. Customers get frustrated, work relationships and company culture suffers, and contracts are put in jeopardy.


    We are experts when it comes to backlog grooming and process improvement. We can show you how to complete more work in less time, getting you back and track and keeping you there as you move forward.

    Let Us Help

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    Traditional Leadership vs Agile Teams

    Leaders must understand their roles in the Agile process in order to effectively lead an Agile organization. When proper Agile leadership is not in place, it can be frustrating for leaders as well as team members. In addition to damage caused to company culture, improper Agile leadership can impede progress and reduce revenue.


    Leadership training is critical when making the transition to Agile. Our leadership courses are great when it comes to clarifying leadership roles in the Agile process, and allowing leaders to understand the significance their actions play when it comes to the success or failure of an Agile team.

    Read More About Leadership Training

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    Where Do We Focus

    When business priorities are in a state of constant flux, it becomes hard to know what to work on.


    Agile training can put you on the right track, prioritizing backlog items so you always have a clear vision of what to work on now and what to work on next.

    Improve Focus

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    Silos, Handoffs, Lack of Collaboration, Lack of Trust

    Many things contribute to heavy processes. They’re often built with the best intentions, but end up dragging time to market.


    Please talk to us! We started One80 Services because we have seen too many companies build the wrong level of process at the wrong time. They either build crushing amounts of process that drags time-to-market, or not enough structure to control the chaos. Our mission is to help teams to build a practical approach to managing and prioritizing work that leads to innovation and quality deliverables.

    Let’s Lighten Your Load

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    Missing, Changing, Incomplete, Ambiguous Requirements

    When requirements are unclear, progress is impeded as you’re running around asking what you should build. Bugs come back and pile up because you either didn’t have clear requirements to work with, or requirements have changed as you were working.


    Your team needs Agile training. Let us show you how to gather requirements, and then build the perfect backlog. We’ll show you how to manage requirements in a way that will be simple and better than what you’re doing today.

    Define Your Targeted Goals

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    When Agile Goes Wrong

    You tried Agile, but for some reason you’re still back where you were. Now you’re frustrated and feel like you’ve wasted time and money. Agile success often depends upon how you’re introduced to Agile. It’s never too late to be reintroduced.


    Partnering with a seasoned Agile coach will be the key to your success. Anyone can tell you how to be Agile. Find someone who will show you.

    Get Back in the Game

What Our Clients Say

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    Could you tell us a bit about One80 Services?


    “No one process works for every company. One80 understands the business problem and business domain we deal in, and are flexible in their processes to say what’s important and what’s not. They come up with a unique custom process that will help you and your company be the most efficient.” – Mike S.


    “One80 is very knowledgeable about Scrum. They stay very current, very true to the parts of Scrum that work. They are good teachers, very personable, easy going, great at their job. I trust them completely, which is why I wanted them so badly. The One80 team still gets critical, high profile work from me because I know I don’t have to worry about it.” – Dea M.

    Rely on One80

  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    Why did you choose One80 Services?


    “During the interview process, we heard solutions, ideas and foresight from One80 that other candidates were nowhere near giving us at that point. This was the biggest thing that stood out and it still does. One80 provides solutions and thinking. They are not just checking off boxes.” – Kiley H.


    “It almost felt like we were consulting with One80 even before we hired them. Our gut feeling was that they were going to be ultra flexible and find something that worked for us and understand our business rather than trying to jam a process down our throats.” – Michael S.


    “I needed people I could trust who would get to the bottom of what was going on. I needed someone to get teams back to high performance. I had good experiences with One80.” – Dea S.

    Talk to Us

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    What makes One80 different from other Agile training companies?


    “Their experience – they have not just been Agile coaches or specialists or trainers their whole career, they have lived in my world.” – Michael S.


    “One80 Services can teach it and do it. A lot of companies in the Agile space…they are just there to teach. They learn the buzz words. They learn the training piece of it, but they have never done it – or have never done it well. It’s one thing to go through training, another to have a problem and need help. One80’s coaches have enough experience to ask the questions and help with problems. We’ve worked with people nationally — in Chicago, other places around the country. They teach it and preach it, but don’t know how to do it.” – Dea M.

    Understand the Why

    “The one thing a lot of others tend to do is give you the rituals of project management, but they don’t help you understand why. There are several different methodologies out there and they tend to blend together. One80 doesn’t just give you facts and rituals, they give you the why and the when so you understand how to be effective as a PM.” – Sean B.

    Experience the Difference

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    What are your favorite things about One80 Services?


    “One80 does a great job of teaching. They really teach the people around them. Very good at that. They are not just going to put process in place and leave. They teach you how to fish. They are patient and professional, but easy going and laid back. They get buy-in really quickly from the people they work with, which helps get the team become really effective really fast.” – Dea M. 


    “During the process of engaging One80, they weren’t trying to nickel and dime us as they were getting in the door. They wanted to build a relationship. It was not high pressure. We had very open and honest conversations from the start.” – Michael S.

    Honest and Direct

    “I feel like I’m getting an honest opinion and direct answers from One80 no matter what.” – Kiley H.

    Work with Us Today


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    What are 3-5 words you’d use to describe One80 Services?

    Dea M.

    “One80 is trustworthy, easy to work with, and they have experience doing it (not just preaching it).  They are very personable and good with teams members but also with executives (good range).”

    Michael S.

    “One80 coaches are flexible, consistent (in message and in doing what they said they would do), knowledgeable, and experienced.  They’re pleasant individuals and easy to work with – I never feel like I don’t want to go to a meeting because it will be a pain or a fight or struggle.”

    Sean B.

    “One80 coaches don’t just teach you what, they teach you why.”

    Kiley H.

    “One80 coaches are competent, communicative, friendly, and honest.”

    Ready to talk?

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    See a bit of what we’ve done.

    Take a Look

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